0101 Pulse - Light Brown Shoulder Bag -

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Handmade by artisans from Guatemala

Guatemala is full of mountains and volcanos, it’s really amazing how beautiful the complete landscape is. The pulse bag was inspired by the unique nature found in this country.

This style is perfect for any kind of activity and you can’t go wrong when choosing to combine your outfit with the pulse bag.

What makes so special this type of Huipil from Chichicastenango is its geometrical shapes and that you’ll never find the same color palette in any other Huipil. Each Huipil has its own story because it belonged to a native in Chichicastenango for years.

You can find more information about colorful Chichicastenango en the Huipiles section.

height x length x width   =  12´´ x 10´´ x 5´´ 

Weight 3.00 lbs

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