What makes us different

  • Own Factor: We are 100% responsible for the manufacturing of each of our products thus maintaining constant supervision over quality.
  • Best quality: Starting from durable raw material, the leather we use has a 90% cleanliness that allows to appreciate details and texture of the final product. The locks provide resistance and unique finish to each item. Moreover, we strive to maintain symmetry and detail on each of our needlework.
  • 3 Day Shipping: Your order will be sent from our factory in Guatemala to your doorstep through different mailing companies (DHL, USPS or UPS). You can contact us fro more information.
  • Honesty: We strive for transparency and honesty with our customers regarding quality, production, team and social impact in our community.
  • Qualified team: Each of our team members has been selected based on its knowledge and specialized skills in different techniques needed to manufacture our products. We provide personal and professional growth to each of our employees in the form of training and services of clinical psychology.
  • Environmentally friendly: The HUIPILES we use to manufacture our bags belonged to real people. After they are not longer used as clothing we buy them from small communities thus recycling material that would otherwise go to a landfill with no other use.