Product Care

Our products are made with delicate material so we suggest you follow some simple care instruction.

1. Our materials are not waterproof, any liquid can damage the textile and leather 

    Make sure that it doesn’t go in direct contact with water.

2. Keep your product away from any surfaces that might damage the huipil or leather.

3. When using your handbag, do not put pens without caps, sharp objects,
     make up, hand lotion or perfume unless stored in a closed container. Not
     doing so might result in a spill that can damage both the fabric and leather
     from the inside.

4. When not using your handbag, keep it inside the packaging that was sent
    into when shipped to you, in this way you protect it against dust and

5. The Huipil might have loose threads, like any other textile or fabric. In case
    this happens, grab small scissors and carefully cut the threads that stick out.