1. Can we send different items in the same order to different addresses? No, to every purchase you can only specify one address.
  2. Can we buy online and specify store pick up? No, currently we only have an online store. In the future you will be able to find us in physical store.
  3. Can I return the product if I didn’t like it? Yes, you can return your product as long as you pay the return shipping cost. If you want to exchange your product, you’ll have to find one with the same price.
  4. How much will I have to pay for the return shipping cost? $ 30.00
  5. How long will it take for the return process to be completed?
  6. What do I have to do if I find defects or my product is damaged? You can send us a photo showing the damage or defects when asking for a refund or exchange.
  7. What is the tax percentage that I have to pay? In Guatemala the tax is 12% (Known as IVA).
  8. Can I have an account with Solhera to keep records? Yes, for this you have to subscribe to SOLHERA.COM. Additionally, you’ll receive benefits like special promotions, discounts and early notifications of new products.