About us

What makes us different

    We are a company founded in Guatemala with the desire to share our culture and richness with the world through fashion. It began with a small workshop instructed and trained by Italian leather masters. As a family owned business we care for our community. We train and teach the art of leather workmanship to help local families thrive.

    The textiles and fabrics we use have a social history and impact. The HUIPIL dates to the pre-Columbian era (before the Spaniards came to America).  The HUIPIL evolved and endured to this day bringing life and color to daily life activities or very important days like weddings, births, etc. After HUIPILES are not longer used for clothing we buy them from small communities. This brings extra income to local families and makes our products environmentally friendly. Thus every product you get has a great impact: socially, environmentally and personally. Personally because the HUIPIL was carefully handwoven by an artisan, worn by a beautiful indigenous woman and selected by our company to become something beautiful that can accompany you.